Fragrant Harbour

by Jonathan Chan

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My debut album, recorded between summer of 2014 and May 2015. Revolves around the events that happened in Hong Kong between that time and my sentiments toward the place I call home.


released January 31, 2016

Drums: Adam Ledger
Piano/keys: Joshua Berry


all rights reserved



Jonathan Chan Hong Kong

I'm a singer-songwriter from Hong Kong and a member of the young workforce. Visit my Facebook page for info on upcoming gigs and updates!

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Track Name: Aroma
Clouds spill across the water
It’s a shore in the sky
Masquerades a sea blue and bruised
That’s always asking why

Rivers of black
Running down your veins

It’s your sweet aroma
It’s getting lost in the wind

I’m where you should be
But you have gone astray
Try to grasp the dust in the air
Through my fingers slip away

Some have gone and some have stayed
Not sure for how long at least for today
Maybe tomorrow I just can’t say
Don’t want to wait till it’s too late
Track Name: People Mountain People Sea
He walks the same habitual tunnels everyday
He knows exactly when to catch the morning train
He can get to work on time without his brain
Cause’ it’s the same old same old day after day

It’s easy to lose focus
It’s easy to lament
Hordes of faceless floating on the river of steps
Places to go
People to meet
Souls floating flying on this people mountain people sea

Some lives are made but most are lost
In underground mazes souls trampled in dust
It’s dig or be buried in this people mountain
It’s sink or swim in the people sea

Sometimes he wishes he’d be doing more
Out there living life instead of the usual bore
He knows he’s only got himself to blame
The crazy world out there awaits it’s not too late

We’re all made with hopes and dreams
Are you becoming who you want to be?
Track Name: When The Tracks Roll In
There’s a smell in the air
Lives were made, stories written
He breathes it all in

People were slower
Enjoyed the little things
Perhaps they knew more living
Made less but had more living

Life becomes a memory
When the tracks roll in
When the tracks roll in

He walks around the roads
It’s easy to get lost
Even though he feels at home

He misses it, feels the loss
Even though he can’t say “it was mine”
And time isn’t kind
Nowadays, time isn’t kind
Track Name: Not Now
There will come a time when nobody makes a sound
Hope runs dry, fear surrounds, silence rules and freedom drowns
Good people become the bullet of a loaded gun
Trade humanity for a cheque at the end of the month
We agree on the end but just not the how
Let me ask you when
If not now?

You burn down my home and then throw me the blame
Your fog of lies in the air, the next typhoon will blow them away
Go ahead, go to sleep and when you finally wake
This place you know so well will never be the same
Eighteen years, come of age, will I stand or will I bow
I won’t let you win
Not now.
Track Name: Not Listening (ft. Samantha Yih)
I’m at your door waiting for answers
What’s the matter? Let me enter
You put up your fences
Built up your walls
I tried to call
Too tall, too small

We both knew this was a long time coming
You may not see but I know you’re hearing
I wrapped up my face and covered my eyes
But you can’t see past your clouds in the sky
You’re not listening

When you drowned me out that day in August
Uneasy silence, empty promises
Track Name: Give Up
Give up it’s not worth the fight
Give up you’ll ruin it all
Give up there’s no room for you here
Give up your back’s against the wall

Go home there’s nothing you can do
Go home you’ll always pay their dues
Go home you’re wasting your breath
Go home stop making a mess

Stop making your mess

I know, know we’re on the rocks
I know, know what it might cost
But I’m holding on to the arc of the universe

Give up you’ve made your point
Give up quit making your noise
Give up nobody listens to you
Give up there’s too much left to lose

Too much left to lose
Track Name: Life On The Road
The air hangs heavy with the bitter taste of sentiment
Plans for tomorrow, final glances
She’s been around, smiles and parting words
One thing to count on, dawn will rise

Drifting off to sleep on her cardboard floor
Memories and friendships in the middle of a war
Battle’s almost over, war’s just begun

She wrote her wishes on the cold hard ground
Watched as their prayers drifted into the sky
They go out of focus
Stars are in the glass around

Drifting off to sleep on her cardboard floor
Memories and friendships in the middle of a war
Battle’s almost over, war’s just begun
Life, oh life, life on the road
Track Name: Brothers In Arms
Time passes us by
The days oh they fly
But I’ve never noticed you
We hide our muted sighs
No hi’s no goodbye’s
What have the times come to?

Overnight, our future denied

Yesterday strangers, today we are neighbours
City in harm, brothers in arms

We kept our thoughts and fears
Our faults through the years
Now they are coming true
We yell, nobody hears
Hope disappears
Nothing much left to do

Overnight, we started a fight

The stars are shining over the fragrant harbour once again
Track Name: 希望是你我




繼續走, 繼續走

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